Our purpose here at Lena's Mini Doxies is to PRESERVE BLOODLINES and producing healthy well-socialized puppies.  We give careful consideration to health issues, temperament and genetic screening. We offer some puppies that do not meet our standard to continue in our breeding program to loving homes.  We also offer puppies to other quality breeders in order to help in maintaining our bloodlines.

All adoptions will be done face-to-face.  If you need your baby shipped  please contact me and I will happily go over this process with you.

I have had several people ask me why our prices are higher than the puppies advertised in local papers.  We do not advertise in the paper.  We think there are too many puppies being advertised there by back yard breeders and puppy mills.  We have gone to great lengths and cost to hand pick our breeding stock to produce quality puppies to help in preserving our bloodlines.  We only breed healthy quality dogs.  We feed a very high quality dog food, healthy treats and keep all of our dogs up to date on their vaccinations, veterinary visits, bathed/groomed & nails done.  All of our dogs live in the home with us and all puppies are born in our home with us supervising and there to imprint each puppy as they are welcomed into the world.  The pups are handled daily and are well socialized.  They are wormed every two weeks from birth with Pyrantel 50 or Panacur, have their first set of vaccinations and health examine before going to their new family.  We work very hard at starting the process of crate and house training.  We also update the new families with new pictures weekly until they go to their new homes.  When you receive your puppy they will be freshly bathed with Spa shampoo and smelling wonderful.  They will also be flea and worm free, happy and healthy.  We also are proud of the "puppy pack" that we put together for each of the puppies.  It is designed with puppy food, Starter packet of "NuVet" Vitamins (please order vitamins before receiving your puppy), toy, health record from birth, tons of information, business card and a health guarantee/contract.  We stand behind our puppies 100% and welcome comments.  We also offer references.  So please know the sky is the limit as to what we do to provide you with the "best" new friend.  We want you to be able to spend time and money enjoying spoiling and bonding with your new puppy and not spending those precious puppy days in the vet office with a sick puppy and large veterinary bills.  So, this is why our puppies cost a little more than advertised puppies in the paper.  Remember the ole sayin ...."You get what you pay for".


FULL REGISTRATION - Dog can be bred and offspring registered with AKC.  Entry in dog events are not restricted.

LIMITED REGISTRATION - Dog can NOT be bred and have offspring registered with AKC.  Entry in dog events are restricted.

SPAY/NEUTER CONTRACT - AKC papers are held by Breeder until a statement from a licensed veterinarian stating that dog has been spayed/neutered.

If you would like to purchase a puppy listed for sale, you may place a NONREFUNDABLE deposit of $200 (for puppies under $1000) or $400 (for puppies $1000 or above).  We accept cash and Paypal.  We accept credit cards through our Paypal account.  It is a very safe & easy way to transfer money.   Please see instructions below.

We will accept checks for deposit only.  Please make checks payable to "Matthew Rivenburgh".  We will not accept checks for balance due when puppy is picked up (cash only).  

Please look over our "Deposit on Dachshund" & our "Bill of Sale/Health Guarantee" listed on our "Contracts" page.

We are experienced in shipping healthy puppies with Delta Airlines or United Airlines.  We will be shipping (winter 2019-spring 2020) out of Tuscon, Arizona It is mandatory that the new owners take their puppy to their vet within 72 hours of receiving the puppy to verify that they received a happy healthy puppy and to get their veterinarian acquainted with your puppy. Shipping costs are $350 which includes, health certificate, veterinary visit, shipping crate, bedding, travel to airport and flight fee. 
We have a Business account with PayPal and your funds are protected with PayPal Protection.  There is a convenience fee for this service with PayPal so please be sure to include the 3% fee that paypal charges for this service.  (For a $200 deposit you would enter $206.00) You have to type in the amount.  Paypal does not take this fee out of your account automatically.  If you have any questions please give us a call 352-258-5564.  Thanks! Lena & Matt