Listed below is a list of people that has kindly offered to be a reference for me.  They are all my friends and are owned by at least one of my babies.  Please feel free to contact them and discuss their experience with me and my babies.  I also have one of my vets listed that you may also contact.  

If you have purchased a puppy from me and would also like to be listed, please let me know and I would gladly add you to my list.  Thanks!!

Mayo Town & Country Animal Clinic
Dr. Lindsey Jackson
[email protected]

Karen Bolten
(407) 761-9111

Rachael Harris
[email protected]

Linda Hitchcock
(407) 443-5540

Sunil & Mary Silva
[email protected]

Toni Guerassio
[email protected]

Robert & Elaine Fox
(813) 416-2014

Michelle Hurst
[email protected]

Lisa D'Innocenzi
[email protected]

Thank you!!

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